Free Marketing Vs Paid Marketing


There are millions of websites online, which are jostling for getting the supreme position online and to get as much attention towards the business as possible. But, the types and forms of marketing strategies are making it all complicated for the business to become better than the rest. The biggest confusion of all the time is which marketing is better in between free marketing (organic) and paid marketing.

Organic marketing or free marketing is defined and based on search engine algorithms. This search makes use of the merits of each site. Paid advertisements work alongside the organic results and it is bought and not earned.

But, how soon you could expect results with each of the forms of advertising?

If we talk about free advertising, then of course it would take some time in order to get a steady stream of free organic traffic. But, yes the time invested is could be from months to years and thus, you have to wait patiently for a long time to bear the fruit. While, with paid traffic, the upfront cost would be there, but that comes with an advantage and that is quick results and immediate growth. If you want your topline to grow quickly, then you should never overlook paid advertising.

Paid advertising also provides an instant feedback on whether you are on the right path or not. While in case of organic marketing, sometimes at the end the businesses come to know that the approach was doomed since the starting.

You must know that search engines are very low like so slow that you would feel that glaciers are very rapidly growing. And even if you are using magic tricks, you can’t find out if your marketing is working or not before days, weeks or months. If you are ready to wait, then you can surely go for free marketing, but if you want rapid results and you just need your business to grow rapidly, then you musty opt for paid advertising.

How long does it last?

With good free marketing or organic marketing, you would get permanent traffic sources for your site, but with paid advertising you would get temporary traffic resources. So, the choice is all yours, if you want to go for paid or organic marketing strategies.

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